About Us

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You might be wondering what is Meraki?


Meraki is defined as doing something from the soul, creativity or love. It is the essence of yourself put into your work.

Inspired by the simple thought of adding that essence into everything you do seems like the perfect way to spread love and happiness.

That is how Meraki started operating at Carolina, Puerto Rico in 2019, founded by Paola A. Lopez.

The inspiration behind this company is to create unique and handmade jewelry and accessories based on the artistic modern pieces. We use high quality materials for each of our items. Offering the highest value and quality at accessible prices is what makes us stand out in the market. We want everyone to experience the joy and love put into each of our creations. The diversity of all the things our island has to offer is what we project into our pieces. You can find a diverse range of our products being based on the sea, nature, cultural, and trippy lifestyle of our beautiful island.


Our goal is to keep growing into a more sustainable and eco-friendly company. It is also to expand our love by adding more independent and local brands from the island. It is our mission to reach out and create a community to empower other entrepreneurs to have a successful leading into the industry.


We welcome everyone to try out our pieces and feel the meraki put into each one of them. To truly enjoy something that was made with pureness and be unique wearing and using them.







The Creator


Paola A. Lopez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on April, 1996. Always had been a creative child showing a lot of interest for the arts. Her passion and thrive for pursuing this industry led her to study at Escuela de Artes Plasticas in 2013, which gave her the final tools she needed in order to start her journey as an artisan.

 Her first project was PAL. Films that started in 2014 which was her inspiration and love for photography. She used this as an accessory for then creating PAL. Trippy which was her clothing brand inspired on the various patterns and colors from the modern psychedelic era.

 Combining these two projects she started doing road trips around Puerto Rico exhibiting her two greatest passions in which opened the doors for creating a good clientele around the whole island. Getting to know her clients and creating that experience one on one with each person.

After four years creating these moments, she created Meraki on 2019 with the purpose of combining all these elements in order to give the best experience for everybody not mattering age, gender or age. You can find a variety of items from toddlers to full grown adults. Because our purpose is to reach up to everybody giving our heart and the best in everything we do.

 Thank you so much for being part of our community and if you are new to this page, we hope to give you the best experience you can get.


For collaborations or inquiries, you can send a message to: merakiearring@gmail.com